Hi! I'm Del Jack and welcome to my website.

It's amazing to me, for a guy who hated English in High School, I should find myself in my later life an author and a retired English instructor. It's true. I hated grammar and spelling and the few books I did read then (Tobacco Road, the Mickey Spillane stuff, etc.) were considered "dirty" at the time. In spite of my dislike For English classes I always could write prose fairly well and while in Jr. College I tried my hand at writing short stories. Needless to say, a M.A degree in literature has broadened my reading habits.

I taught English in grades seven through Jr. College, but the students I enjoyed the most were the middle school kids. Teaching at these grade levels was for me a "trip". At times the task could be a pain in the butt, but the majority of the kids were usually funny, eager, inventive and honest. Unfortunately, much of the anthologized literature available to them was, and still is, pretty boring stuff. Consequently, I decided to provide some novels of my own, hence, "the "Two Bad Boys Series" of short novellas.

The novellas currently available in this series are "The Gargoyle Bat" and "The Tombs of Montmartre" and are set in London and Paris respectively. The protagonists are two early teens, Jesse Morrison and his British cousin Edwin Spink, who seem to continually find themselves involved in solving crimes—Hey! What else? They exist in a detective/thriller novel.

What fascinates me is I place Jesse and Edwin in a setting and they take over. I do my best to stay apace and record their activities and thoughts. Some days they have their way with me for hours before I return to my own reality. What a high! They have just finished a  a third adventure called "The Killer has Shark's Teeth".

I also write adult Detective /Thrillers and I'm seeking an agent for "Shining Like New Money". Hope you can enjoy it soon.